Today I laid out another couple of tracks for the album, in preparation for Paula and Rachel coming over tomorrow morning.  To make things slightly easier for Paula, who will mainly be doing backing vocals, I recorded some vocals myself so that she’ll have something to sing against.  It’s sounding good already, despite needing several more instruments adding and the whole thing mixing, so I’m quite pleased with the way it’s all going so far.

“Father God you reign on high” will most probably be the opening track on the album, and is a rocky song based loosely on the Lord’s Prayer.  The main features musically are the guitar part with plenty of distortion, and a tune that sends me right up into the uppermost reaches of my range.  It’s a challenge actually to hit the notes convincingly and accurately, and as such it took me until this afternoon to get my voice warmed up enough to sing it well!  Once Rachel adds some bass and Paula adds some backing vocals to it, the track should be transformed even further, so I’m looking forward to that.  After that I’ll be getting Berkeley in to do some acoustic guitar parts, recording Anna’s keyboard playing, and meeting up with James and Luke to do drums and percussion.  All good fun!

The other song I started today is “I draw near to the place of mercy”, which is a joint composition with Paula bringing the words and me putting it to music.  We’re both quite pleased with it, it’s very reflective and emotional, and even though I’ve only got one guitar part and my vocal part it’s sounding good – Paula will be adding some vocals tomorrow, Rachel will be adding some bass, and at some point I’m hoping Berkeley will add some finger-picking guitar too.  I may get Anna to put some strings down too in places, but on this occasion I don’t think drums will be needed at all.  Sorry guys!

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