This morning Rachel came round to do some recording for our Rooted album. So far I’ve only got four songs laid out on my computer, but it took us all morning to record Rachel’s bass parts in for those four songs! Recording always seems to take longer than I expect… It was sounding pretty good though by the end of the session, and I’ve got enough bass recorded that I can now start playing around with it and mixing the takes together to create the perfect bass line!

The recording is all being done very much with a DIY mind-set, in that it’s all being done by me rather than paying lots of money to use a professional recording studio. Today Rachel was playing my Aria bass, which was plugged into a small audio mixer (leant to me by AndyC), which was then plugged straight into my computer. Macs seem to be really good at this multimedia lark, and mine handled it brilliantly. It’s only a 1GHz processor, but it’s running OS X Tiger and Logic Express 7 no problem. The plan is to do almost all the recording for the album from home, inviting the band round one at a time to record in their parts from my dining room. The only exception will be the drums, for which I shall have to book a slot at church and bring my computer along – not sure my neighbours would approve of me setting up a drum kit in my dining room for a couple of days!

In other news, I’m off to orchestra this evening, after which I’ll be visiting my darling Ellie for the evening. I’ve also taken part in the nationwide blog thing I mentioned last week – the History Matters web site is inviting anyone and everyone to tell them about what they did today. If you’ve missed the date, don’t worry, you can still tell them what you did on the 17th October for another few days yet!

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