This afternoon I went round to Paula’s house to help her finish writing a couple of songs she’d been working on. She had the words, she just needed some help with the music, so I said I’ve give her a hand. The more up-beat of the two we sorted out fairly quickly – a tune came to mind fairly easily and although in some ways it strikes a remarkable resemblance to “There is a voice that must be heard” and “Love so amazing”, it’s pretty good. The words are excellent, as Paula’s tend to be, and I reckon it’s the sort of song that would go down well in church. The second song was a little more reflective, yet needed to the idea of the majesty of God, so I opted for a 6-8 time signature as that can convey this quite effectively. The words are fantastic, really uplifting, and although it took us a bit longer to settle on a tune we liked, I’m quite pleased with it now.

This evening we have another Rooted rehearsal at church, where I hope to focus our playing slightly more on worship than performance. Something I might try is going straight from one song to another, combining well-known worship songs with my own – I’ve already got a few ideas of what songs will go together well, so we’ll see how that goes!

I have also just bitten the bullet and bought Logic Express 7, which is a music notation & audio recording program made by Apple. It’s a superb piece of software, and will quite adequately fill the gap I’ve been trying to work in! Once that arrives I shall be able to start recording our album, and also writing scores for those songs I’ve written that we want to use in church (we haven’t been using written music in Rooted, but a lot of the musicians who play on Sundays like to have music in front of them).

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