I had to replace my bird food this afternoon.  We’ve not had many birds in our garden for ages, which I thought was a little odd, but today I figured out why that was.  I had two bird feeders out, neither of which were looking at all edible.  The peanuts had started to go mouldy, and the bird seed at the bottom of my other feeder had started to sprout so the birds couldn’t actually get to any of the seed!

I’ve now put a replacement load of peanuts out, this time in a bush rather than hanging from the bird feeder.  I’ve often seen the birds in the bush, so I’m hoping this will prove effective positioning.  It’s also in a better position for me to keep an eye on them from my desk.  I also fed the fish while I was in the garden, although it’s getting colder now so I’ll have to stop that soon.  I’m easing them in gently!

Today it also Ellie’s birthday, which is quite exciting.  She’s got a party at her house this evening, and I’ve got a bowl of jelly in my fridge ready and waiting.  It’s been years since I made jelly…

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