Today I drove to Forest Gate in London to give a seminar on how to use the Content Management System used by the Diocese of Chelmsford. There were 6 people from the Barking area team, and I think they all quite enjoyed the experience.

However, driving there and back I noticed that Neddy was getting rather hot. It’s something I’ve sort of been aware of for a while but not done anything about it, but driving along the A12 today it was quite noticeable how hot the engine was running – a couple of times I noticed the temperature guage creeping up to the half way mark on the dial!

Last time I went round to see Billy he pointed out that the radiator had been leaking out the top, probably due to being over-pressurised by the heat, which we sourced to the auxilliary fan not kicking in. Being a 1275cc engine, it needs two fans to keep it adequately cooled – one on the end of the crankshaft and then an electric one on the other side of the radiator which kicks in when the engine gets warm. Either my fan is faulty, or the thermostatic switch needs replacing. Billy’s already given me a spare switch, so at some point I need to drain the water out of the system, remove my (possibly) faulty switch, replace it with Billy’s switch and refill the system, and see if that makes any difference.

In all honesty it’s just a case of not having got round to doing it, but after today’s worrying temperature readings I think I’ll have to get round to it sooner rather than later! Although it’s not going to be a problem getting me to church (the engine will have just about got warm by then), longer journeys will be a problem, and I don’t want to risk damaging anything.

Oh, and I’ve changed the font colour back to white. I felt that the black text, while apparently being easier to read, made the design as a whole less inspiring. The text didn’t jump off the page like it had before, and it just didn’t have the life that I’d intended. So now it’s white again. So there.

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