Well, for what was supposed to be a day off, I’ve done quite a lot!  I figured it was about time I spent a day away from my computer, so instead of doing work I did things round the house instead.  I’ve done a load of washing up, cleaned the sink in the downstairs loo, washed my car, tidied the garage, sorted out which songs to put on the Rooted album and in which order, and attempted to fix Neddy’s auxilliary fan.

For those of you who haven’t read my previous posts about Neddy, his auxilliary fan hasn’t been working, causing the engine to run rather hot.  The 1275cc engine generates a lot more heat than the 998 block, so an additional electric fan is mounted on the opposite side of the radiator, the idea being that it kicks in when the engine gets hot.  So far it’s not been working, and today I found out why.  I removed the grille, took the connectors off the switch in the bottom of the radiator, and one of the spade connectors came right off the wire!  No wonder it hadn’t been kicking in.

After a little research (by which I mean I posted a message on The Mini Forum and some friendly Mini owner told me what I needed) I drove into town and bought myself a small pack of spade connectors.  The fan itself works fine, I tested that by touching the wires together, and it spun into life no problem.  I managed to figure out how to use a crimping tool, and fitted a nice new spade connector to the end of the wire, and reattached them both to the radiator.  I ran the engine for a few minutes to see if the fan would come on, but it didn’t.  Either the engine wasn’t hot enough, or the switch in the radiator is faulty too.  I’ll leave it as it is for now and take a look at the engine after I’ve come back from a run somewhere when the engine’s good and hot.  I will get to the bottom of this!!

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