I’ve just watched a news report on the BBC web site about an important day for bloggers, happening on 17th October.  Historians at www.historymatters.org.uk have decided to create an enormous electronic time capsule, inviting anyone and everyone to write about their day on their web site, contributing to a blog that will chart the history of just one insignificant day from the point of view of potentially millions.

So if you can get online on the 17th, make sure you tell them what you got up to that day!  I’m certainly planning on writing something for them, as boring as it may be.  Actually, it seems they want it to be boring, in that all those little details that we take for granted will no doubt be really interesting for people looking back in a hundred years’ time.  For instance, the clothes I’m wearing, the sort of computer I’m sitting in front of, what I’ve done during the day, the weather, what I ate for breakfast, what music I’m listening to.  Unfortunately there’s a 600 word limit, so it’ll have to be a fairly succinct snapshot of my day, but it sounds like an exciting project to be able to contribute to!

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