The postman came and knocked on the door this morning, at which point I was expecting to receive a nice big package inside which would be Logic Express 7, which I’d bought on the internet a few days ago. I was somewhat surprised to see how small the package actually was, and upon opening the package I realised why – Apple had packaged the CDs in a box no bigger than the CDs themselves! That makes a difference from most commercial software, where you buy a box the size of a reem of A4 paper, only to find one small CD inside. So I’m pretty impressed with this product already, and I haven’t finished installing it yet! But I guess that really does sum up Apple though, doesn’t it – the packaging deserves just as much attention as what’s inside. In this case, an economically sized recyclable cardboard box with a built in sliding drawer housing two data DVDs and minimal documentation (it’s all on the DVDs).

So now I have the ominous task of refraining from actually using my new toy until I’ve done enough work that I can justify a break. And my day was going so easily, too…

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