Seeing double

Two versions of Internet Explorer running on the same computer, at the same time?  Surely not?

When I happened to read the other day that it was possible to run IE6 and IE7 side by side, I felt obliged to explore a little further.  While IE6 is undoubtedly a pile of pants, it’s a sad fact that a significant majority of computers still use it, and as a web designer it is thus important to ensure that web sites work in that profoundly quirky environment.  At the same time, I felt it would be useful to have IE7 installed so that my web sites would be ready and compatible with the new bugs Microsoft has brought in.

Scaling the heights

On Saturday I went to lunch with Ellie, her Dad and stepmum, which was very pleasant. We went to the Playhouse in town, which is a Wetherspoons pub/restaurant done up like the inside of the theatre, so we ate on the stage. We also went to Colchester Castle in the morning, which was very interesting – it wasn’t your traditional “wander round an old castle”, but rather a complete history of Colchester that happened to be using the inside of the castle to house it. There wasn’t much focus on the castle itself, but it was quite densely packed with interesting history about the local area. For someone who isn’t normally at all interested in history, I thought it was pretty impressive!

Food, glorious food

I had to replace my bird food this afternoon.  We’ve not had many birds in our garden for ages, which I thought was a little odd, but today I figured out why that was.  I had two bird feeders out, neither of which were looking at all edible.  The peanuts had started to go mouldy, and the bird seed at the bottom of my other feeder had started to sprout so the birds couldn’t actually get to any of the seed!

Comparing Firefox 2 and IE7 (part 2)

After my previous post turned into something of a mammoth essay, I decided to start afresh with my running commentary on the installation and first impressions of Firefox 2 for Windows.  Regular blog readers may remember that I reviewed the Mac version a few days ago, but the Windows version sits within a completely different operating system, and as such will undoubtedly operate differently, hence this separate review.

Comparing Firefox 2 and IE7

For the first time in a while, I turned my PC on. Inspired by Phill’s blog post about a bug he found in the recently released Internet Explorer 7, I decided it was about time I bit the bullet and downloaded IE7 for myself. And while I was at it, I thought I might as well download and install Firefox 2, which although not officially released is being made available for people to try before it actually goes public. This, then, is a running commentary on the installation and first impressions of both browsers, as used on my Windows XP Home SP2 computer.

Recording day 2

Today I laid out another couple of tracks for the album, in preparation for Paula and Rachel coming over tomorrow morning.  To make things slightly easier for Paula, who will mainly be doing backing vocals, I recorded some vocals myself so that she’ll have something to sing against.  It’s sounding good already, despite needing several more instruments adding and the whole thing mixing, so I’m quite pleased with the way it’s all going so far.

Cut and shut

This morning I’ve been editing some of Rachel’s bass parts that we recorded earlier this week. It’s actually quite a straightforward process, and was a lot easier and quicker than I had expected. Working from the individual takes we had recorded, I chose which bits I liked, cut them out of the original recording and pasted them onto a master track, building up a complete track from the good bits of the recordings. Logic Express’s scissors tool really worked well, allowing me to snip recordings apart into separate clips. What was even more useful was that although by default it would snap to the beginning of the bar or the beginning of a beat, you could hold down the Option key and snip wherever you wanted – fantastic!

Just browsing

Microsoft announced yesterday that they were releasing their long-awaited Internet Explorer 7 to the public. It has been available in BETA for a while now, but the final product is now available for download, and will be automatically installed on computers worldwide as part of an Automatic Update in November. Almost simultaneously, as if to counter the move, Firefox 2 has been made available in a similar way. Firefox 2 isn’t complete yet, and will not be officially released for another couple of weeks, but it is available as a sneak preview on all platforms. Opera also got an update, though only a minor one, and no doubt very few people will work out what the difference is.

Fan fixing

Well, for what was supposed to be a day off, I’ve done quite a lot!  I figured it was about time I spent a day away from my computer, so instead of doing work I did things round the house instead.  I’ve done a load of washing up, cleaned the sink in the downstairs loo, washed my car, tidied the garage, sorted out which songs to put on the Rooted album and in which order, and attempted to fix Neddy’s auxilliary fan.

Code making

I spent most of today programming.  Yes, you read that right, I was programming.  Not something I do much these days, in fact, something I’ve been consciously avoiding since finishing my Computer Science degree.  But there are times when in order to go forwards you first need to go backwards.  So I spent the day trying to remember everything I learnt about MySQL, and spent a good long while perfecting a script to give people access to a database of contact information for the Diocese of Chelmsford web site.