With my bicycle successfully back on the road, I decided to cycle into town today, a trip that I’ve just discovered to be about 5 miles in each direction. Not a huge distance, but a lot further than I’ve cycled in a long time. Actually I was surprised at just how much my legs complained – I can remember when 5 miles was nothing, today I felt like I had ridden forever just to get to town and back! Still, it’s reasuring to know that my bike is working properly again, and is more than capable of out-performing me!

While I was in town I got a new set of strings for my guitar. My old strings were getting… well… old, and I particularly didn’t like the sound of the G string, although that’s partly because that’s broken so many times and I had to replace it a while back with a string that wasn’t of the right thickness. So now I’ve just got to play the strings in in time for our Rooted rehearsal on Monday.

Speaking of music, I discovered today that Tim Hughes has a blog too! By the looks of it he doesn’t write as much on it as I do, I’m not sure yet whether that’s because I’m more interesting than him or because he’s more busy than me… Still, it’s good to know I’m not alone in the world of blogging worship leaders! It’s also encouraging me to write more worship related stuff here – maybe it’s about time I created some folders and wrote different posts for different audiences…

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