Working from home has its ups and its downs. My daily commute to work involves walking downstairs, which is rather convenient, and the kitchen is just a few steps away so I can make a cup of tea whenever I need to. On the other hand, making sure I work can be quite a struggle sometimes, what with all the distractions of life. For instance, I’m sat at my computer right now writing on my blog, when I could be working. That’s life, I guess.

However, I did have a rather exciting distraction yesterday in the form of four large boxes that were delivered late morning. Inside was my flat packed desk and accompanying cupboard, which I spent most of the day assembling. It could probably have been put together faster if there had been two people building it, as was suggested in the instructions, but I only had me, so I struggled on myself. It’s all finished and in place now, and looks fantastic. I have loads more space, both in terms of desk surface and storage – I’ve been after a bigger desk for ages, and it’s so satisfying now I’ve got it! I was hoping to be able to put my PC tower inside the cupboard, but unfortunately that idea was scuppered by several factors: when I built it I didn’t make provision for power to get inside; the top shelf won’t go in high enough for the tower case to fit in; and ventilation would be an issue too, and although I don’t tend to use the PC any more it would be a shame for it to overheat unnecessarily. So for now the PC is sitting on top of the cupboard in the corner, out of the way, and without taking up too much room. My Mac’s TFT monitor has come into its own now too, as it’s flat up against the wall, giving me almost the entire depth of the desk to use.

My other recent purchase will enable me to go wireless. I found a good deal on eBuyer, so I should be getting a DSL wireless router and two USB wireless receivers in the post fairly soon. AM’s laptop has wireless built in, so I just needed to get receivers for my PC and Chris’s. My Mac will probably have to wait until I get paid again – an Airport card is quite pricey, even on eBay, and the vast majority of third party wireless hardware is not guaranteed to work in Macs. Still, I think I can cope with one network cable going to my Mac for now!

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