As you’ll have noticed, my blog has been given a face-lift. Again. It’s not that I didn’t like the old site design, I just thought I could do better. It’s all part of the professional development idea, constantly improving my own web design skills in order to satisfy my customers and get more business by using my other sites as free advertising. This particular design is inspired in many ways by the Apple web site, although the choice of fruit in the header was completely separate! I still have a little tweaking to do, but I think it’s an improvement over the previous design.

In addition, I am hoping that the new Diocese of Chelmsford web site will be going live tonight. It’s been in development for quite some time now, and we think it’s just about ready to be unleashed on the public. Unfortunately I was only told that it was going live on Wednesday, and I’m told is HAS to go live tonight, for reasons I’m not aware of. There have been plenty of delays during today, where I have been sat doing nothing waiting for things to sort themselves out. As I write this I’m waiting for the final confirmation, at which point I shall take the site offline, move some pages around, and hey-presto the new site will be up. At least, that’s the theory. Unfortunately I’m not around tomorrow, on account of a Mini event in Mersea, so if there are any problems that I don’t manage to iron out tonight it’ll have to wait until Monday. It could be worse though, I could have been away today, and then the site wouldn’t have gone live at all…

EDIT: It seems the Mersea Mini Meet isn’t happening on Saturday after all, but on the Sunday. Someone obviously got the dates confused! So this means I will be around tomorrow to sort out the web site, but I won’t be able to oggle at Minis after all. Grrr.

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