My new toy arrived in the post today. A wireless adsl router. Nice.

For some time now (about a year) we’ve had various cables strewn across our lounge and dining room in an effort to connect all our computers to the internet. Which was pretty unnecessary really, considering we don’t have a huge number of computers! But due to the failure of my ADSL modem a while back I’ve had to have another ADSL router plugged into my PC, which was then sharing the internet connection across the network. It was all a bit of a mess, both in terms of cables and network architecture.

But having installed our wireless box successfully, it’s all a lot tidier now. The US Robotics router is now sitting underneath the telephone table quietly flashing away, my PC is off (I’m not using it, and it’s not serving internet any more) but set up with a USB dongle so that it can connect wirelessly, Anne-Marie’s laptop is set up for wireless too, and when Chris gets back I’ll set his computer up too. That really just leaves my Mac, which is currently still using a network cable because I haven’t bought an AirPort card yet. But it all appears to be working nicely, and I have a small pile of redundant cables sitting on my lounge floor. Very satisfying.

In other news, I was interested to see that Will Pate from the Flock community left a comment on my blog! Great to hear from you Will, thanks for your comment! To be honest I didn’t realise people I didn’t know read my blog… I must be doing something right then!

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Phill · 25 September 2006 at 3:02 pm

Glad that you’ve got your wireless sorted out 🙂

Interesting about Will Pate – I once had someone from the NetBeans team (from Sun) comment on my blog … mainly because I was commenting on a competing product, but still!

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