Neddy went in for his MOT today. I’d booked him in at Graham Long garages, which is where I went with my Fiesta and found them to be very good. It was a while-u-wait thing, so I sat in the reception reading a Mini Magazine for an hour! It was quite odd really, being able to hear my car’s engine running in the background and me not being in it… Sadly the car failed the test on account of the nearside front wheel needing a new upper ball joint. Obviously my occasional throwing-car-round-corners trick has left me with a price to pay, and the “excessive play” in the joint will need to be fixed before the car will pass the test.

However, as much as I approve of Graham Long’s service, I’m not planning on letting them do anything mechanical to my Mini. The cost of the MOT was £44, and although they can get the part fitted for me and redo the test at half price, the labour cost involved is actually more than the price of a complete MOT! So I shall be buying that part myself, and calling upon the invaluable help of my friend Billy, from Colchester Mini Club. We’ve also got a club meet this Wednesday, so it’ll be good to catch up on what other people have been doing over the summer – sadly I missed the club’s visit to Mini In The Park, so hopefully there’ll be a good report on that too.

But for now, I’m just going to have to sit back and wait for the weekend to come, with Neddy sitting in the garage with a poorly ball joint. Poor Neddy.

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Dad · 5 September 2006 at 9:41 am

Replacing a ball joint isn’t a big deal. All you need is a ball joint separator, spanners and elbow grease! The other sort of grease would be handy too, you could go round and top up the other grease points while you’re at it…

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