Return to the Wiv

Well, I’m back at home now after a three week absence. First there was a busy week on a Ventures camp, followed by just over a week visiting my family in Paignton, and then a week with my darling Ellie in Gloucester. This past week has been spent working out details for the wedding, which has been fairly busy but lots of fun. We’ve found a photographer we like (and one we didn’t), and we’ve had a chat with the vicar’s wife about catering, so we’ve made a lot of progress! Ellie and I were very impressed with Tim Aston (photographer), he seemed very professional and has shown us that he’ll do exactly what we want, rather than what he thinks we ought to have. The other guy we went to see said he’d give us all the photos he took, but they weren’t anything special and it sounded like he wanted to dictate the timings of the day to suit him, which didn’t really agree with us. One of the problems with choosing a photographer is that they need to be good enough that I can never look at the photos afterwards and think “I could have done better”. Ellie has already banned me from doing my own wedding photos, so I need to make sure what we get are top quality!

Ellie and I were also flicking through the Argos catalogue and starting to make a wedding present list. All very exciting! I don’t think we’ve got enough on the list yet, so we’ll have to scratch our heads some more and think of other things to put on…

Right, well I’m probably going to have a pretty busy day tomorrow, catching up on three weeks worth of work, so I’ll stop writing now and hopefully get a relatively early night!

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