Having got Neddy back on the road yesterday, I was all set to drive off to Gloucester to see Ellie this afternoon. I was playing bass at Upton Vale Baptist Church this morning, which was great! After the service I had a good chat with several folks whom I’d not seen in a while, and then drove back home for lunch via a petrol station. Unfortunately the petrol pump nozzle wasn’t working properly and it didn’t detect when my tank was full, so it all overflowed out of the filler pipe onto the floor!

Anyway, after lunch and a cup of tea I packed up my stuff and began to pack the Mini. Then, as I lifted the driver’s seat forward to put stuff on the back seats, there was a crack, and I found my windscreen fractured. GRRRR!!!! I think it was probably over-enthusiasm on my part, eager to pack the car and drive off to see my darling Ellie. I just didn’t expect the headrest to crack the windscreen like that.

Needless to say, I am not driving to Gloucester today now. I’ve rung my insurance people and they’re getting someone to fit a new windscreen for me tomorrow (the only Mini windscreen they had was in Manchester), after which I shall promptly zoom off to my beloved. Frustratingly it’ll probably affect my no claims bonus, and there’ll be an excess to pay too. This is particularly frustrating because I have a feeling a friend of mine in the Colchester Mini Club has a windscreen knocking around in his garage that I could probably have used, and he probably would have fitted it for me too. But he’s in Essex, and I’m not, so I’ll just have to bear the brunt of the cost of replacing it.

Neddy obviously likes being in Torquay too much. First there was the broken fan and the stubborn bolts that threatened to leave the Mini stranded here while I go to Gloucester by other means, and then once we sorted that out there’s something else to get in the way! Either that, or God’s making it clear that he doesn’t want me on the road this evening… I guess he knows best!

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Phill · 13 August 2006 at 11:37 pm

These things happen, mate. Keep your chin up, and you’ll be with Ellie sooner than you think ūüôā *

* N.B.: Keeping chin up is no guarantee of being with Ellie closer than you think. But it will help. Provided, of course, you don’t put your chin up too high… um… yeah.

Simon · 14 August 2006 at 5:10 pm

What bad luck! Just to reassure you that claiming for a windscreen should not have any impact on your no-claims bonus. I went through a phase with my old citroen of breaking a windscreen every week (or so it seemed!) but it had no impact whatsoever!

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