When I bought my Mini, I thought it was unusual, being a limited edition. I’ve come to realise that actually these Mini Sidewalks keep popping up all over the place! There are now three Sidewalks in the Colchester Mini Club, and I’ve just stumbled across a web site specially for Sidewalk owners! Check out www.minisidewalk.co.uk to see some other Sidewalks! I’ve joined the community – I’ve e-mailed my car’s details across to the owner of the web site, so hopefully soon my Neddy will appear in the list with the others! No doubt it’ll grow into a large community of like-minded Sidewalk owners, who will all join together and take over the world… or not.

In other (related) news, I’m trying to figure out a way of fitting some side repeaters to Neddy. For those who are a little in the dark on this one, the side repeaters are the little indicator lights on the side of the front wings of a car. At the moment I’ve just got the standard orange ones that the car came with, but I don’t like them much and want something a little more special. I’ve seen plenty of Minis with clear lenses, but they’re mostly just clear versions of the orange ones I’ve got, which isn’t particularly original. However, my friend Dusty gave me some clear oval lenses at the last Mini Club meet, which apparently came off a Ford somethingorother. Apparently they should just fit straight on, supposedly universal, but unfortunately the connectors are slightly different sizes and I can’t get them on. They look great, they just don’t fit. So now I’m looking into rewiring the bulb holder from a compatible side repeater in, or possibly finding a side repeater lens that does fit properly. I’ll keep you posted, and hopefully put some pics online when it’s done!

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Dave · 10 December 2007 at 11:24 pm


I own minisidewalk.co.uk

Just found this “minipix” through seeing where my site is named.

Great, and in the near future there should be some majour updating on the Sidewalk site, as I now have some time, or will do after xmas!



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