iPod Mini

This is the latest iPod Mini, due to hit the shop floor within the next couple of months. The spec is pretty impressive too, with the 1.3i hard disk storing up to 1275 songs. Apple’s new A-Series interface makes synchronising with iTunes even faster, and with the option of Cooper stripes and Minilight scroll wheels, this next generation model is set to revolutionise the music industry!

Actually all of that is sheer persiflage. But it was good fun to write, and even more fun to create the image in Photoshop.

In other news, I had my hair cut today, and had my eyes tested. Apparently there’s nothing wrong with my eyes, which is reassuring, so I won’t be needing a new pair of glasses imminently. I was told that my current glasses are getting old and worn and they’d recommend me getting new glasses anyway. I’m not sure quite how much I believe that, my glasses aren’t scratched or loose. Still, I’ve got the prescription, so I could buy myself a new pair at a later date, when I’ve got more money to throw at it! But I doubt that will happen any time soon, if at all. Still, good to know that my eyes are healthy and not falling out or exploding at regular intervals. That would be messy.

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