I was working in the Diocesan Offices at Chelmsford yesterday. I took my Mac with me and hooked it up to a monitor there, and spent the whole day working on the web site from the other side of the desk to my boss. I don’t think we got as much done as I was hoping, but it was still a productive use of the day.

What struck me most, however, was the flat screen TFT monitor I was using. It was so much nicer to look at than my CRT monitor, crisper, cleaner, brighter, and less demanding on the eyes. I have found myself squinting quite often on my CRT to see clearly what’s going on, which isn’t ideal. It’s not the size of the screen, I think they were the same, I just found the TFT much easier on the eye. I’m told TFTs are also better for your eyes, something to do with radiation emission from CRTs. I certainly found that I could look at the TFT for longer without my glasses than with my CRT! So that’s another thing I’d like to get – a 19″ TFT monitor. That, combined with a new Mac, and a new air filter for the Mini, plus an effects unit for my guitar, all mounts up to an awful lot of money I’d like to be able to spend!!

In other news, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 last night with AM, Alex and Chris. It was a lot of fun! I personally don’t think it was as good as the first one, the plot was rather messy in places. The special effects were fantastic, especially the main baddy, and there were some classic quotes in there too, but I don’t think it had quite the same feel as the previous one. Then again, it wouldn’t have been any good if it was exactly the same as the previous one… It was good though, and I’d still thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going to see it.

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Dad · 7 July 2006 at 12:58 pm

TFT monitors are definitely the way forward for graphic professionals. In fact the monitor manufacturers who mostly supply displays to high-end users no longer make or support CRT displays any more. TFT screens are better for you, not only because they’re sharper and because of emission issues, but also because of the refresh rate of a CRT. Although almost imperceptible to the human eye, a refresh rate of 75MHz for instance still affects the user. With a TFT screen the image is constant – the pixels are either on or off and only change when the data input demands it. Lecture over.

Matthew · 7 July 2006 at 1:21 pm

Hi Dad, thanks for the lecture! I have to admit, I have been getting headaches recently, and have been looking for excuses not to use my computer. It’s probably not helping that my old 17″ monitor can only do 1280×1024 at 60Mhz, which I’m guessing is no good for me at all! I can increase the refresh rate, but only at the expense of desktop resolution, which will be more of a hindrance than a help. So it looks like a TFT monitor might have just slipped up a couple of places on the wish list…

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