There are some days when everything goes your way. The traffic lights are all on green, the food you went to shop to get happened to be on special offer, and whatever it is you usually lose comes instantly to hand the moment you need it.

Today has not been one of those days.

First of all I had to wage war against the mighty army of ants that was mustering its forces outside the patio door. It has reached that time of year when little ants grow up and buy wings and invade the nearest sitting room. The first I knew of this was when a few ants started crawling up the inside of the patio doors, at which point I got the fly spray out of the garage and started my defence. The next step was to pour boiling water down the cracks in the patio. It sounds cruel, and I didn’t really enjoy it, but it had to be done. Their nest happens to be directly underneath a ventilation block, which gives them fairly easy access to our dining room.

The second obstacle I had to deal with was hearing that we have lost a housemate. Our letting agency rang me this afternoon and told me that the other person we had found had just pulled out, without so much as an apology. That leaves us in a bit of a pickle, since our contract runs out on Thursday. Not good. I’ve still not been able to get in contact with her yet to find out exactly what was going on there, but it seems we can’t rely on her any more, which is such a shame. That leaves AM and I with only three options. 1) We find a housemate at very short notice and get them to sign the contract tomorrow. 2) AM and I hastily find a 2 bedroom house elsewhere and move in there instead. 3) AM goes back to live with her parents and I try and find someone who wants a lodger. Thankfully our letting agency will, I think, let us stay on here on a month by month basis (I can’t remember the technical term for it, but we won’t be on a contract). That will at least give us a little more flexibility, although we will have to foot the bill for the next month at least between the two of us. We won’t be able to keep that up for long. So it looks very much like we shall be looking for somewhere new to live after all.

So not exactly a day to remember with fondness. Still, God’s brought us this far, I know he won’t abandon us!

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