Yesterday evening I went round to see my friend Billy, as he had offered to help me trim my wheel arches so that my wheels would fit. Unfortunately, it turns out it’s probably going to need a bit more than a quick snip to sort out. The wheels turn out to be 5.5×12, rather than 5×12 as I was told on the web site, and I think my front subframe might be slightly out at the front because the driver’s side wheel sticks out fractionally more than the passenger side. Apparently this is quite a common problem on Minis, but as long as the wheels don’t snag on anything it’s not a huge problem, the car will still be perfectly stable and the wheels won’t come off!! Anyway, Billy reckons there’s a fair amount that’ll need trimming off, the result of which is that I’m going to need new wheel arches. It seems to make more sense that way, as there’s no point in trimming the bodywork now to fit the wheels if it’s not going to be compatible with the new wheel arches I want. I was originally after some nice Wood & Picket arches, again just to be different, but because they screw in from underneath we don’t think it’s actually going to be possible, so I’ll have to make do with the slightly more common Group 2 arches. They’re pretty much the same, just slightly different in shape and style, but will still suit my car nicely. I certainly won’t be going for SportsPack arches, everyone has those at the moment!

So that’s kinda put everything on hold for the moment. The car is still driveable, just about, as long as I don’t have to make any tight corners. I reckon I shall probably put the old wheels back on for now, just to be on the safe side, and when I get the new wheel arches I’ll put the new wheels back on, knowing that they won’t grind on the bodywork. I shall probably put the new wheels on for shows, but for normal driving I shall stick with wheels that I know are safe!

On a slightly different tangent, I met a practising witch yesterday. He seemed like a nice enough guy, if a little off-track on the belief scale… He also has an encyclopoedic knowledge of Minis, so I expect I’ll run into him again at some point! Interesting experience though, I shall have to make sure I know what to say next time…

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