On Saturday afternoon I went to Clacton to see my friend Billy, who is a member of the Colchester Mini Club. I had been having some difficulty undoing a screw that was holding one of my headlights in, which meant that I couldn’t fit the other crystal headlamp that I’d bought. So I went round to Billy’s to see if he could help. Thankfully he had something called Duck Oil, which is like WD40 but miles better. A quick squirt of that on the offending screw and it came loose in no time! Very impressive, I shall have to keep my eyes peeled for that so I can get some for myself. The upshot of that is that I now have a very nice *complete* set of new crystal headlamps on my Mini, which look very cool indeed. I haven’t got any pictures of them yet, but as soon as I do I shall pop them online so you can all see. Yesterday I also gave Neddy a wash, taking advantage of the warmth and sunshine to get outside. Of course, that meant that later in the day it rained, but never mind.

Saturday night was the Chaplaincy Saturday Night Social, which we ended up hosting again. This week it was a water fight, which was a lot of fun! The weather was perfect for it, which was good, and although we didn’t have a huge number of people (seven of us in total) we managed to have a lot of fun and get very wet! We got a lot of strange looks from people though, as we ran around the nearby roads shooting each other! It involved a lot of tactics in places, some of which might have actually worked if we’d gone through with them properly. At the end of the evening we finished off with a “last one standing” face-off, where we were all in one of the alleyways near to my house, one team at one end and one at the other, the idea being that whoever was the last to get wet won. I ended up hidden behind a wall, waiting for one of the other team to come past so I could squirt them! And the plan worked like a dream – I got Chris in the face and he had no idea it was coming!! Of course, once the game was won we just emptied our pistols on each other and got each other well and truly soaked! And no, I don’t have any photos of that night – water and cameras don’t go together.

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