My new wheels arrived this morning! Lovely Revolution RFX rims with Monza tyres, plus a full set of alloy wheel nuts and four locking nuts. They look so cool!! Of course, that left me with the problem of fitting them. The Mini comes with a small wheel change kit, but it’s rather pathetic, and I’m not sure I’d really trust the puny little jack to lift the car safely. The wheel nut wrench is also pathetically small and unusable, so I took a trip out to Halfords and invested in a small bottle jack and a decent wheel nut wrench. It wasn’t particularly expensive, and it should last me a good long time, so I reckon it was worth the trip! I still haven’t fitted the wheels, they’re still sitting on the floor in the lounge, because my next door neighbour is powerwashing her drive and doesn’t want to make my car dirty! Very thoughtful of her, but it really doesn’t help in terms of getting my new wheels fitted! I’m just hoping now that the rain holds off long enough for her to finish and for me to fit my wheels. I probably won’t take any pictures today, I’ll wait until it’s good any sunny, but I just thought I’d share my excitement with everyone!

In other news, the forum I set up for the Colchester Mini Club is beginning to get going. A small handful of our members have signed up and started posting messages, so hopefully before long we’ll have a good online community there too.

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