First off, my new photoLounge is up and running, completely replacing the old Coppermine system. It’s basically in two sections, one being an open-access gallery (photoLounge) and the other being a members only gallery (photoLounge extra). This means I can display photos of my Mini and other related things for everyone to look at, but keep personal photos a little more secure, so that not everyone in the world can see pictures of me and my friends making fools of ourselves! I’ve reverted to the password system I used on my old PhotoLounge, so if you remember that then it’s exactly the same (if not, let me know).

The second revolutionary thing I did today was buy some wheels. Yes, you read that right, I bought some wheels. I’ve been after a set of 5×12 Revolution RFX wheels for my Mini for some time, and I’ve saved enough money for them now, so I phoned up Huddersfield Spares and they should be delivered within the next few days. Very exciting! They’re not exactly common wheels, which was part of the attraction. Everyone has Minilight variants on their Minis, with a few sporty Minis having the normal four-spoke Revolution wheels, but very few people have five-spoke Revolutions. They look pretty cool too, and as they’re the same size as my current wheels they should fit on without me needing to make any modifications to the bodywork. Hopefully the wheels will come just in time for the next Mini event – Saturday 17th I’ll be at the Colchester Motor Show, Sunday 25th I shall be at a rolling road day (which will be covered by MiniWorld magazine!), and Sunday 2nd July is the Colchester to Great Yarmouth Mini Run. So plenty of opportunity there to show off my nice new wheels and headlights!

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Dad · 9 June 2006 at 3:35 pm

If your new wheels are that good I’d invest in a set of locking nuts as well!!

Matthew · 9 June 2006 at 7:13 pm

Yep, ordered them while I was at it! Don’t want to find my Mini sitting on a matching set of bricks…

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