Yesterday, contrary to my intentions to work, I spent most of the day trying to fit my new headlights. I did do some work, until my housemate pointed out that it was in fact a Bank Holiday and I didn’t need to. That was all the excuse I needed, and spent the rest of the day in the garage.

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case with everything I do on this car, it wasn’t exactly straightforward. Some obstacles I was expecting, others I wasn’t. The first obstacle to overcome was wiring the light in, which mean cutting and connecting wires. So that meant a trip out to a shop to buy a wire connector, since I didn’t have a soldering iron or electrical tape or anything useful lying around. With that done, I had one sparkling new crystal headlamp installed and working. On coming to the other headlight, I discovered that one of the screws wouldn’t undo. Bother. I pushed and I prodded and squirted WD40 at it, but didn’t get anywhere. I also went out and bought myself some heavy-duty spray stuff that is supposed to loosen rusted screws, but that didn’t seem to do much either. So that left me stuck with one new and one old headlight, which is far from ideal and probably illegal.

Today, however, I squirted the offending screw again and managed to turn it about one whole turn, which is something of a breakthrough! The head is rather chewed up though, so I’m not going to take it right out just yet in case I can’t get it back in. I shall hopefully find a replacement screw first so that when I do finally get the screw out I can put a brand new one in its place. Watch this space for pics of my new headlights!!

Last night I went with some folks from the Chaplaincy to watch The Da Vinci Code at the cinema. It was a very interesting film, a very clever plot indeed. Afterwards we all sat in Burger King and talked about it, and came up with some interesting discussion. My main feeling though was that people seem to be making more out of it than necessary. Sure, it’s a good story, but it’s not exactly based on fact! It’s a theory, based on some assumptions and some twisted facts. There may well be people who believe what it’s saying as fact, but I suspect they are the same people who believe that Star Wars is a documentary and that it’s possible to recreate dinosaurs from DNA found in a prehistoric fly. It’s just like any other story – it presents certain things as facts and bases the storyline on it, because without that the story wouldn’t hold up. That doesn’t mean it also applies to the real world, it’s not a textbook after all! We can pick apart the arguments if we want to, but I really don’t think that’s necessary – it’s not a theological argument to pull down Christianity, it’s one man’s fiction novel to make himself lots of money, and we shouldn’t confuse the two!

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Joe B · 30 May 2006 at 10:46 pm

I think you astutely point out a fact that a lot of people seem to miss – The Da Vinci Code is a (good?) story and nothing more. The “suppressed” Gospels it mentions are complete fabrications, the Priory of Sion was a hoax, Constantine and the Council of Nicea did NOT decide the composition of the Bible. The Biblical gospels are possibly the best examples of preserved ancient historical evidence in terms of earliest available manuscripts and available copies. And speculating on Jesus’ marital status out of the silence of the Bible and then using that to contradict the clear teaching of the New Testament and the extra-Biblical evidence that says Jesus was executed on a Roman cross and was believed to have risen again … it’s not a seriously tenable position.

It seems the point is this: Dan Brown presents a far more comfortable version of Jesus – a Jesus who makes no demands, a Jesus who makes no grand claims about himself, a Jesus who is neither King, Saviour, Lord, Redeemer, Master or friend. Jesus was just an ordinary bloke who lived, worked, had a family and died peacefully. Not the Christ who suffered death for the sins of all mankind and calls people who want to follow him to take up their own cross, to suffer rejection and even death for his sake. The Jesus of the Da Vinci Code is far more palatable – it’s no wonder he’s so popular!

Trouble is, he is not the Jesus of history, he is not the Jesus of the Bible and he is not the Jesus who one day will return as Judge of everyone.

Phill · 30 May 2006 at 10:53 pm

I suspect they are the same people who believe that Star Wars is a documentary

Star Wars ISN’T a documentary? :O Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

You’ve just destroyed my faith in the force 🙁


Phill · 30 May 2006 at 10:55 pm

Sorry for posting two comments in a row, Matthew, but I had to say it.

Maybe you could combine your thoughts on the Da Vinci Code with your thoughts on the screw in Neddy’s headlight, in a book called: “Who Moved the Screw” 🙂


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