I have to admit, not a lot has happened here recently. I’ve worked a bit, I’ve played a bit, I’ve socialised a bit, I’ve played my guitar a bit. But nothing startlingly startling. Just the normal, mundane regularity of life. Ah well, I guess it can’t be interesting all the time.

I’ve run out of bird seed. There, that’s mind-bogglingly interesting, isn’t it. In fact, let’s delve into the realms of impossibility, just for the sake of making it even more interesting. The birds have eaten me out of house and home. I put out seed, they ate it. I put out bread, they ate it. I put out a frozen pork joint, they lit a camp fire and ate a roast dinner. Now I have football-sized chaffinches hopping around the garden reading slimming magazines. Okay, maybe I’ve exaggerated a little too far here. But my original point still remains – I’ve run out of bird seed.

I was reasonably productive today, actually. I chose some songs for our Sunday morning service, as I’m leading worship (there are at least, like, a million songs in there…. only kidding). I also mowed the lawn. I have a feeling the mower needs some attention though at some point, it’s making a nasty noise, like the mechanics need oiling or something. At some point, when it’s nice and sunny, I shall have to go out and turn it over, see what I can spray WD40 at.

And finally, before we all slink off to our beds and dare to dream dreams no one ever dreamt before, allow me to bring to light a fact that the vast majority of you probably won’t find remotely interesting, but which for a small handful of people may possibly be bordering on a revelation – exactly fifteen months from today, Ellie and I will have been married a whole day. Wow! It was worth this whole blog entry just for that!

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