First off, you may notice some slight changes to the appearance on my blog. I’ve tweaked the fonts a little, so that it’s using a sans serif font rather than one with serifs. There are also some subtle changes to kerning and line spacing, though unless you surf web sites with a ruler you’re unlikely to have noticed them… I think the whole site needs a bit of freshening up soon, but I’m not feeling particularly creative at the moment, so it’ll have to wait for now.

Thinking back to the last few days, it’s all been quite busy. On Saturday I went paintballing with some friends from CU, to a place in Billericay. We had to meet at the Chaplaincy at 7:45am in order to get everyone to the paintball centre by 9:15am, so it was an early start for all of us. The drive down was no problem (thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the new exhaust!), though we did get a little lost going through one of the small villages on the way. Chris J got lost in the village, which was something of a concern for us because he was supposed to be our group leader (who put him in charge???), but we all got in eventually and got kitted out with protective suits, helmets and paintball canisters. There were loads of people there, it was a far bigger place than I had expected, there must have been almost 100 people there in total! There were 6 games during the day, 3 before lunch and 3 in the afternoon, each game consisting of 2 rounds so that each team could have a go in each direction. In our first game one team defended a castle and the other had to try to take it over. There was a similar game where the teams had to take over their opponents’ base camp, and another where we had to fight for ownership of four huts. There were also two general shoot-until-everyone’s-dead games, one with barrels to hide behind and one with odd bits of metal wall. The last game incorporated a bridge, with the aim of retrieving an oil can from the middle of the bridge and getting it back to your side of the bridge without being shot. It was a lot of fun, though quite painful, and kept you frantically watching over your shoulder! Most annoying were the two times I got shot in the mouth – the helmet stopped the paintball, but not the paint, so I got a mouthful of the green stuff. Of course, moving at that speed it was still hard enough to leave me with a bruised lip, which wasn’t too pleasant. I also got shot in both legs, and I still have large bruises to show for it! However, the most disturbing part was that night when I was trying to get to sleep, and found myself flinching uncontrollably at imaginary paintballs…

There have also been several parties over the past few days. My unofficial birthday party was on Thursday, and was just myself, Ellie, Anne-Marie and Esther. Then on Friday evening I had my official party, at which there were a lot more people. There was a good range of friends there, from oldies like Sarah and Jon and Berkeley, to relatively new friends like Sarah (no, the other Sarah). On Sunday I was actually kicked out of the house because of a girlie night, so I ended up at Alex’s eating pizza and watching a DVD of Peter Kay (not quite my cup of tea, but passed the time). Of course I did come back home and found that the girlie night was still in full swing, and ended up joining them for a bit (cautiously). To be honest, I think I laughed a lot more at the girlie night than I had at Alex’s!! I’m just glad they didn’t decide to paint my nails when they had the chance!

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Alex · 21 March 2006 at 8:44 pm

You should’ve said! We’d have put something else on! 😛

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