This morning I got up at 6am to go down to the Chaplaincy to take part in the overnight prayer thing they were doing. They had been running since 9pm on Friday night, and people had been in Worship Area 1 until just after 9am this morning, including a handful from 24-7 Prayer. Although I was only there for two and half hours, I got the impression there was a really good atmosphere there, with everyone praying both individually and in groups. The room was done up really nicely, with different areas set out for different things, plenty of room for private prayer yet plenty of space for groups to be together too. Ellie happened to mention (and I agree with her) that it would be lovely if it could always be like that – it would be so much easier to worship and pray in a room like that than to be using a mostly bare room all the time! We finished the time of prayer by sharing breakfast, which was simple but effective, just a few bread rolls and a cup of tea. Vic also led us in some songs, and we spent some time praying for the different Christian groups on campus. I do find it interesting how normally prayer is such a challenge, yet when there is an organised prayer event such as this I can easily pray non-stop for an hour and a half without noticing!!

This afternoon I went into town with my photographer hat on, to take a picture of a guy who works in the Fair Trade shop in Colchester, Traders Fair. Michael Fox also happens to be an archdeacon, when he’s not helping at the shop! The picture was for an article we’re running on the Diocese of Chelmsford web site about Fair Trade Fortnight.

I also rang a friend of mine from the Colchester Mini Club about fitting my exhaust. Darren is still at college, but he’s already fitted a wide range of different exhausts to his Minis, so I thought I’d draw on his expertise! It will be nice to actually have it fitted at last, it’s been standing in my garage for ages now. I’ll be sure to post some pictures up on my PhotoLounge too, so watch this space!

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Dad · 6 March 2006 at 9:14 am

Are you sure that’s the right web address for the Diocese of Chelmsford?

Matthew · 6 March 2006 at 9:47 am

Sorry, added a .uk on the end by mistake! I’ve corrected it now, so it should work… 🙂

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