Having ordered my new set of headlights on Thursday afternoon, I was amazed when they arrived on Friday morning! That’s what I call a quick delivery!! However, the excitement was dampened slightly when I discovered that the lights aren’t actually road-legal. They look the business, but they won’t pass an MOT. So now I’m not quite as happy with Minispeed as I was to begin with – they said nothing on their web site about the lights being for off-road use only. After some more googling I stumbled across a link to some better crystal headlamps, as sold by MiniTrailers.com. I actually looked at this site before, and they clearly stated that their headlights were for off-road use only, so I didn’t pay them much attention. However, they’ve now brought out a new range which are more advanced, and which will pass the MOT. They’re still not E-marked, which means that they’re still not officially recognised, but they do measure up to the standards and will easily pass the MOT. You can see just from the pictures that they’re doing the job properly – the patterns on the back reflector actually look like they’re going to reflect the light in a particular pattern, rather than just generally in the forwards direction… So it looks like I’ll be sending my crystal lights back to Minispeed, or selling them on eBay, and buying another set from MiniTrailers. Ah well, we live and learn!

P.S. As requested, here’s a shout out to Luke. 🙂

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luke · 15 March 2006 at 4:39 pm

ahh, thanks
makes me feel special

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