Today I had a business meeting with a guy who runs a business in Highwoods, which was very interesting. He’s a Christian, and is looking for someone to help his business with web design clients. If all goes well, hopefully he’ll be outsourcing some of his clients to me, which would be a great extra source of income! And income is probably going to be rather important over the next year or so – weddings don’t come cheap! I’ll still have the freelance business of course, but it’s reassuring that there’s the chance of a more continuous stream of business coming my way in future. I shall have to discipline myself more, I think, and actually do some work…

Speaking of knuckling down to work, I made some chocolate crispies this afternoon. I’ve been meaning to for a while now, but only just got round to actually doing it. Only a small batch, nine in all, but I shall be doing a larger batch for when I go to Spring Harvest. So if people want a chocolate crispie, they’re in my fridge. Help yourself. But remember – first come, first served. Don’t come crying to me if tomorrow the cupboard is bare…

I also figured out just how much music material I have for the CD we’re planning on recording at my church. For those who I haven’t told already, I’m forming a band at church with the aim of recording a CD of original Christian songs written by myself and some others at church. We probably won’t be able to get together until after Easter, but people have agreed to be part of it, so hopefully it’ll go ahead. The recording part will be interesting, particularly deciding whether to record each person one at a time, giving us complete control over everything, or whether to pump everyone through a mixer first and get the levels right, so that we only have to record it once. I suspect we’ll end up doing a mixture of the two. Some songs would work better as “live” worship songs, whereas others are more solo-oriented so may well benefit from being done in stages. Either way, I’ve got about 45 minutes worth of songs that I’ve written, which is promising. We probably won’t use all of them (some are better than others!!), but at least it’s a start.

And the sun is out again today. Very pleasant. Feels almost BBQ weather… or maybe not, the wind is still quite chilly!!

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Dad · 31 March 2006 at 1:46 pm

Talk to Mark Thompson or David Spear about recording. We did our UV CDs all in one take, each vocalist and instrument with their own input and mixed on the day. You remember, you were there for the first one! They might have some useful advice though.

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