I had another early start this morning, waking up at 6:30am. Strangely enough, I’m actually looking forward to Monday morning when I’ll get a lie in!! Not every day you hear that said… Anyway, church this morning was good. I was playing bass, though there was something up with the PA which meant that the guitar came across louder than everything else, and I couldn’t seem to turn the bass amp up very loud either, which was rather annoying. Afterwards I was invited to lunch by some friends – seems they were having people round for lunch anyway, and wondered if I wanted to come too! Obviously I jumped at the opportunity, not only for the company of friends by also for free food! Yep, still a student at heart…

So, off I went to Des and Paula’s house. There were seven of us there in the end – Des and Paula, Bethany and Jade (their kids), Berkeley, Anthony and myself. It was good fun actually, though it was rather noisy at times and quite intense! The food was lovely, we had roast pork (yes, I ate pork!! I think I’m finally weaning myself onto meat again…), followed by hot banana and chocolate sponge and some lovely guey sickly rich chocolate sauce! Mmmmmm!! After that we just sat around in the lounge, and played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

I seemed to be quite popular with Bethany and Jade today, which was interesting. I think it was my mother coming out in me, communicating on the right level! I had the pair of them clambering and jumping on me all afternoon – which was actually quite tiring!! It was very enjoyable though, and I’d happily go and visit again another time, just so long as I could leave at the end of the day… Kids are great, but they’re easier to cope with if they’re someone else’s!!

In other news, I’ve been talking to various people at church, and there is a possibility of us forming a band to play some songs that various people amongst us have written! I’ve got about 8 songs lined up that I’ve either written, co-written or arranged, and Paula and Anna have both got some songs they’ve written. We’re hoping to be able to record them onto a CD eventually, which would be really exciting! I did actually play a round with a recording program yesterday, and managed to record myself playing guitar and singing, and was just adding the bass part in when the program crashed and lost the lot – that’ll teach me to save regularly! I’m going to play around with it a bit more this week when no one else is in the house, and make sure I know what I’m doing so that when it comes to recording other people as well it’ll go as smoothly as possible. All exciting stuff!! Oh, and just to add to that, Joe has submitted a couple of songs to a guy at Jubilate Hymns, and they seem quite interested at the moment. All good fun!

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Phill · 5 March 2006 at 11:15 pm

Why were you up at 6:30AM? You don’t have to be up that early for church do you? I mean, that’s earlier than I have to be up for work!

Anyway. Exciting stuff about the band… looks really cool 🙂 Incidentally, if you ever come across any Christian lyricists, let me know. I absolutely suck at writing lyrics, but I’d quite like to give “song-writing” a go even if I can only do half of it! (Nothing wrong with that, of course. I could be the next Andrew Lloyd Webber. Um, actually, maybe not…)

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