I really haven’t got much work done recently, far too many distractions. Just today I’ve written a new tune to the old hymn “Breathe on my breath of God”. Seems to be a common theme at the moment, recomposing the old into the new, having done a similar thing with “How great thou art” last week. The thinking behind it has been two-fold: part of it is a conscious decision to try and make the fantastic words of some of the hymns more accessible to a modern audience by giving them a more modern accompaniment. Many people today seem to find it easier to connect with modern Christian songs as opposed to older hymns, and I suspect this is largely to do with the way the music lifts the soul in a way that is more applicable to today. Sure, the old hymns can be stirring and rousing and powerful both in their words and their music, but most people are not surrounded by that style of music, so it is often harder to tune in to it musically. By taking the words of an old hymn and giving them a new tune, I am aiming to help people connect more easily with the words whilst being lifted musically at the same time. The other reason I’ve been doing this recently is because it’s a nice rewarding distraction from whatever else I’m supposed to be doing! Mostly it’s a case of getting bored with what I’m supposed to be doing, flicking through my music book and finding something that shouts at me “I need a new tune! Write me one!!!” How can I say no to that?

There have been other distractions too. Wading through a mountain of congratulatory e-mails, putting important dates in my diary, sorting out parties, phoning relatives, that kind of thing.

I should be more busy the next few days though. Tomorrow I’m trekking off to the outskirts of Bedford to talk web sites with a client. Then on Thursday I’m having another business meeting, and Friday meeting up with yet another client. So that should keep me out of mischeif! I shall have to look at my Mini at some point too, I fancy the mixture might be slightly off – while the new exhaust has made a vast improvement on the performance, the acceleration is still a little uneven in places. I shall have to check the spark plugs at some point, see what that tells me, and maybe replace the air filter too. Oh, and in case anyone is interested and still hasn’t checked, I’ve got some more recent photos of Neddy on my PhotoLounge.

Right, I think I’m going to make me a cup of tea now, giggle some more, and enjoy the feeling of having no one on the phone yet still being engaged…

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Rachel · 28 March 2006 at 6:55 pm

SOooooooo exciting! go you!

Simon · 28 March 2006 at 7:43 pm


Joe B · 28 March 2006 at 10:24 pm

Have I missed some important news here or something?

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