Well, MegaQuest is over (phew), but sadly that wasn’t anywhere near the end of my week! Friday night I was invited out to dinner with some folks from church, to Fai’s Noodle Bar in town. Paula (who was leading MegaQuest) and her family were going out anyway, and decided to invite a couple of ‘extras’ along for the ride, so Berkeley and I turned up and ate with them. It was actually a lot of fun, we had a great time, and the food was really tasty!

Then on Saturday, did I get a lie-in? No chance! I was down at the chaplaincy at 9:30am to give people a lift to a chaplaincy quiet day at Assington Hall. Nice drive through the countryside, which was nice, though I was running on empty at the time – empty on tea, that is! Then in the afternoon I was rehearsing for a concert in the evening. And Sunday morning I was playing at church, followed by a meal out with Anne-Marie’s parents, and playing again at church in the evening.

Actually the concert went really well. The University Chamber Orchestra played two Haydn minuets, a Mozart clarinet concerto, a few movements from a ballet written by our conductor, plus some solo items – a flute solo, two piano pieces, a guitar solo, my cello solo, and a Mozart trio with flute, cello and piano. The trio was a lot of fun actually, especially because we only practised it that day! In fact I hadn’t practised all of it beforehand, so I was sightreading my part in the rehearsals! It was very good though, a nice challenge and a lovely piece. And of course my piece went well too – it sounded so much better being played by real instruments rather than just my computer! I would have liked to have put more passion into it, but unfortunately my cello spike was slipping ever so slightly so I was afraid of attacking the strings too hard in case the whole cello slipped out from underneath me! Still, people seemed to like it, so that was reassuring. Bit of an odd piece, I have to admit, I’ve not written anything like it before or since. I think a lot of the inspiration came from Shostakovich, thinking back… it was just after I had done a Shostakovich piece for my grade 8 cello.

Well, after all that, I think I’m going to get an early night and have a nice lie-in tomorrow morning!! I’ll do some work in the afternoon…. maybe…

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