Yes, I know I’ve only just posted here only a couple of hours ago, but there have been developments since then. After mentioning The Mini Forum in my previous post, I happened to wander through the forum, looking at whatever was interesting. In particular I found myself looking at ICE installations, and how easy it was to get the standard Rover cassette player out and fit something else. As it turns out, it’s dead simple – just unplug the wires from one and plug into the other! So I just had to get out in the garage and fiddle, seeing as how I had a CD player out there, waiting to be put in. Sure enough, there were the right connections, and after a little poking around in the darkness of the footwell I managed to plug the CD player in. It was sitting on the floor at this stage, so it was hardly practical, but at least it was working! And when I had plugged the ariel in it sounded even better!

The next step was mounting it in the dashboard (the cassette player was mounted underneath the dash on the passenger side). This meant feeding the wires up over the heater (which sits directly below the centre of the dashboard) and up behind the dash. There was just about enough length of cable to reach, though there was a slight hiccup during the transfer. One of the plastic sleeves had worked its way off one of the little connectors, leaving a bear bit of metal. As it turned out, that was a power line, and touching that against an odd bit of bodywork turned out to be not such a great idea! Thankfully the car didn’t blow up, just blew a fuse. It took me a few minutes to work out which fuse it was, but thankfully I had a spare fuse knocking around that was the right rating, so all’s well that ends well. After quickly plugging the CD player in to check everything was working, the next step was fitting the housing in the hole in the dashboard. It’s just basically a piece of metal that sits between the CD player and the dash, keeping everything in place. I had to bend it around a bit to make sure it wasn’t going to move, and I’m still not convinced it’s the best fit in the world, but it’ll do for now – I’ll take a closer look at it when there’s some daylight to help me! Next I had to get the radio arial up behind the dash, which meant feeding it up behind the bottom rail, cutting a small hole in the shelf lining and feeding it all through. There wasn’t much wire to play with, so I had to make sure I did it right so that it actually reached the CD player! Still, everything fitted nicely in the end, and I now have a nice Sony CD player in my car! I shall take pictures of it at some point and add it to the gallery. Oh, and I also need to get the cassette player out at some point – thanks to Rover’s anti-theft measures, it’s nigh on impossible to get the retched thing out…

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Phill · 24 February 2006 at 12:59 pm

‘ariel’? ‘bear’ bit of metal? ‘retched’ thing? I think you must have been either tired or in a hurry 😉

If I’d have known fitting a mini CD player was the same as fitting a normal-sized CD player (sorry, couldn’t resist it! — I mean, the same as the one in my old car) I could have given you a hand. They can be tricky little things to fit sometimes 🙂

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