Today I didn’t have any work to do, so I set about fixing a few things on my Mini instead. Since putting the new dashboard in I’ve had the alarm LED taped to the side of the steering column. My first idea was to drill a hole in the switch panel where the choke would normally be (it’s got a fuel injection system so doesn’t have a manual choke). I had a poke around, took the swtiches out, but found that the switch panel was quite a thick piece of metal, especially where I wanted to put the LED, so that ruled that out. My next plan was to mount the LED inside the ash tray, since that’s never used anyway. To do that, I had to go into town and buy me a power tool! I got myself a cordless power drill from Argos, which came complete with two batteries, a charger and an assortment of drill bits. Armed with that I took the ash tray out of the car and attacked it in the garage. I wasn’t entirely sure how to achieve it, and I ended up breaking the middle part, which shattered on a corner when I was drilling into it. Luckily I still had the outer casing, and suddenly had the idea of putting something else over the opening, rather than using the now broken ash tray. I ended up using a bit of foam that actually came from the car in the first place, part of the original instrument panel. It was just a black bit of foam, which I cut down to size, created a hole in the middle, and put the LED into. So now I’ve got my alarm LED fixed nicely on my dashboard, almost as if it was supposed to be there! Good timing too, since I realised this morning that it’s the Colchester Mini Club meeting tonight. Hopefully I’ll be buying some clear indicator lenses, and getting a quote for some crystal headlamps. I’ll also have to ask round and see if anyone’s got an exhaust system they want to get rid of – mine’s leaking somewhere, thankfully after the catalytic converter, so I should be able to just weld a new system onto the back of that. Or, to be more precise, get someone else to weld it for me!

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