I’ve fitted my clear indicator lenses to Neddy! Yey!! They look fantastic, I’m really pleased with them. The front lenses are pretty simple to swap over, you just unscrew the existing orange lenses, replace the bulbs with orange coloured ones, and screw a clear lens on. It really changes the appearance of the front of the car, makes it look cleaner and lighter. The rear lenses were interesting though – they come in two halves, top and bottom, with the bottom half holding the top half in place. Billy (my friend who sold me the lenses and helped me to fit them) and I discovered that the bottoms that came with the clear set were about 2mm taller than my existing ones, which meant that I couldn’t use my existing clear lens bottoms (the bottom half is the reversing lights, which are clear anyway). We did try, but my bottoms didn’t hold the tops on, so we had to use Billy’s bottoms instead. Anyway, all looks fantastic now, and he put some LED brake light bulbs in too, which really adds to the look of it. It means they’re not quite so bright from the sides, but if you’re right behind they’re good and bright! We did have a look at replacing the side repeaters too, which are little lights above the front wheel arches, but we didn’t have any the right size. Billy’s going to order some clear repeater lenses though, so they should come soon. All I need now is the nice crystal headlamps, and I’ll be sorted! Oh, and Billy’s also going to get me a price for a new exhaust system, which would be really good.

I’ve put some pictures of all this on my PhotoLounge, so do take a look if you’re interested!

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