Busy week

I am absolutely shattered. I’ve been helping out at MegaQuest (the kids’ holiday club put on by Orchard Baptist Church) this week, and although it’s only been for two hours each morning, I’m exhausted! I was a group leader, in charge of four year 3 kids. Doesn’t sound like too much of a challenge, when you put it like that, but it was still a lot of effort keeping them interested and making sure everything happened in the right order and within the time limits.

The theme of MegaQuest is a computer game, with each day being a different level. The first level (Tuesday) was “The Garden”, and looked at how God created everything and put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to look after it, and then looking at how the Devil came along, mankind went against God, and everything fell apart. Level 2 (Wednesday) was “The Mountain”, looking at the story of Moses. We saw how God cared for his people so much that even though we ignored him and tried to go our own way, he loved us enough to give us some rules on how best to live our lives. Level 3 (Thursday) was “The Hill”, where we saw Jesus paying the ultimate price to save us – giving his own life and dying in our place so that we don’t have to be separated from God. Level 4 (Friday, today) was “The Road”, where Jesus defeated death itself and came back to life, meeting his friends on the road and having dinner with them, showing the world that God’s plan had worked and that if we let him, God will come and be with us too. Our Sunday morning service will be the last level, “The City”, where we’ll look at the end of the story, where we are reunited with God in heaven. It’s really a fantastic way of explaining the gospel to kids, after all it’s such a fantastic story in the first place!!

Each day of MegaQuest followed a set routine, squeezed into just two hours. When the kids came in, we had 10 minutes at the beginning to build a computer out of junk (each group had a box full of plastic cups, cardboard boxes, and other things you’d find on Blue Peter…). At the end of the week they were all displayed and a winner chosen. Sadly my group’s computer didn’t win, but it was a fantastic creation, complete with a keyboard, mouse, all-in-one computer and monitor, scanner, printer, mouse mat, speakers and a webcam! Anyway, after 10 minutes each day of junk modelling we all got together and sang a few songs (led by the resident band, iTunes!) and watched a drama sketch performed by a load of puppets, which was fantastic! Next we split up into groups for Activity Time, which was either Games (running around), Craft (making things), or Creative (dancing and flag-waving). After that we would come back and have the MegaQuest Challenge, which was a daily challenge of some sort – on the first day three people had to create the tallest tower they could out of just spaghetti and marshmallows! Then there was a video clip which explained the story for the day, and then we went into our small groups and did various activities to look further into the day’s message. We finished off each day with another song, and then went home, by which time I was usually really tired!

Unsurprisingly, I haven’t got a huge amount of work done this week! Which is a shame really, since I’ve actually got quite a lot of work that I could be doing. Business seems to be going fairly well at the moment, even if I haven’t done much of it recently!

In other news, I’m playing my cello at a concert tomorrow evening put on by the University Chamber Orchestra. We’re doing a few pieces by Haydn, some by Mozart, part of a ballet composed by our conductor, and a premier of one of my own compositions! We’ll be rehearsing all afternoon, so another busy day. And I won’t get a lie-in either because I’ve agreed to give some Chaplaincy folks a lift to Assington for a Quiet Day – so I’ll have to be at campus by 9:30am. And then I’m playing at church on Sunday as well… I think I’ll sleep next week to make up for it all!!