Well, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought a new camera. Online price was far lower than in-store, which was nice, so hopefully I should have it delivered within the next few days. For those who I didn’t tell already, or who can’t be bothered to scroll down and read about it in one of my previous blog posts, it’s a Fuji FinePix S5600, which is actually quite a new model, and fits my requirements pretty much exactly. Not only does it look the part (big black casing, big black lens), but it sports a 5 Megapixel sensor (which is more than adequate for an amateur photographer), a 10x optical zoom, plenty of control over shutter speeds and ISO settings and stuff, some preset settings for pointing-and-clicking, and it also takes the same type of memory as my previous camera so I can reuse the same cards. All very exciting!

And why did I buy it now? Well, it was either that or wait until my next pay-cheque. Thing is, I didn’t really want to wait that long, and Phil and Jenny’s wedding is only three months away (for those that don’t know, I’m an official photographer for the event!), so I’ll need to get some practice in to make sure the pics are spot-on!

In other news, I’ve not done a lot today. Nor yesterday, actually. It’s that tiresome waiting game, waiting for people to either get round to paying me so that I can start work, or not being able to decide whether they want me to work at all, or just delaying progress while they think over details or whatever. I’ve had various odd bits to do for Chelmsford, but that’s about it really. Still, that’s left plenty of time to play my guitar, and I’m going to a music practice at church this evening too, so that’s something to look forward to.

Finally, I’ve noticed that since putting the dashboard in my Mini it’s made the engine sound quieter! I didn’t expect it to make that much difference, but obviously that extra panel is acting as a bit of soundproofing. All good, I suppose, and I can still hear the dulcet tones of the engine so I won’t forget that it’s there! I still need to sort out my exhaust, which is still blowing somewhere, but there’s not a huge amount I can do right now. Not only is it wet and cold and I don’t really want to be outside, but I don’t have any car jacks or anything to repair the pipe. So I reckon that’s gonna be another job for a nice friendly Mini Club person to help me with!

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