Well I’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought myself a new phone this morning. It’s a Motorola L6, which is the little brother to the RAZR phones which have been so popular. It’s not a flip phone like my last one (which was a Samsung A800, for those of you who are interested) but it’s incredibly thin and rather stylish! It’s also got a camera in it, which is a bit of a novelty, plus mp3 ringtones, WAP access, colour screen, Java games and Bluetooth. Vast improvement on my previous phone. I think I know my way around it reasonably well now, but I expect there are plenty more things I’ll learn about it in time.

I also went onto campus today for Chaplaincy lunch, which was nice. Not been to a uni event in ages, so it was nice to catch up with a few people there. Ellie made me eat about half of a broccoli quiche though, because no one else was eating it. I felt a little quiched-out after that! Needless to say, I haven’t actually managed to get much work done today, what with a long lie in (blame the cold – sniff sniff), new phone and lunch, though I did do a little this afternoon. Apologies to everyone reading this who works 9 till 5 every day…

Ah yes, one last thing before I sign off – I’ve been sorting out my costume for the Chaplaincy panto in a few weeks’ time. I’m not giving away what I’m going as, but I’ve got most of the costume already in my spare-clothes-suitcase, just need to get myself a few accessories – I’ll need something for my feet, something sharp, something dangly, something that goes bang, something red, something that doesn’t require a hole, and something that will wash off. And if you can guess from that what I’m going as, you’re more perceptive than I give you credit for!!

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Phill · 23 January 2006 at 9:54 pm

“Apologies to everyone reading this who works 9 till 5 every day…”

That would be me, then. Nine til five thirty actually. Grrr… do you want me to tell you what I did today? Do you? I spend the whole freaking day being interrupted by people! I swear, it’s a good job half of them were on the other side of the phone / internet…

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