Last night I took part in a St John’s Ambulance training exercise that I was roped into. They wanted some fake casualties to practise on, so PhilB, Ellie and I went along last night to pretend to be injured! It was actually a lot of fun, a side of acting I’ve never tried before. The first batch of injuries was sport-related, so Mark (the St John’s bloke who did our make up and was a casualty too) had a broken collar bone from playing football, Ellie had a badly bruised knee, and Phil and I had a rugby accident which left him with a bashed head and me with a cut on my arm where he’d put a stud into me! The second round was general clubbing injuries, so Ellie had fallen down some steps and had concussion, Mark was drunk and had a twisted ankle, Phil was drunk and nausious, and I was drunk and uncooperative and had another cut on my hand from falling over. The make-up was rather rushed, because Mark was running late, but we used some pretty realistic fake blood which actually made me feel uncomfortable looking at it dribbling down my arm…

The acting side was good fun too, with a good deal of improvisation (which I’d never done before). I think I might have overdone it in the first round – I was supposed to be a rugby player with a cut arm, but I seemed to give the impression I was going into shock so they laid me on the floor! Think I might have overdone the reactions a little! Still, I covered it with a story about not having played rugby in ages and probably wouldn’t play again after this experience!! In the second one I had to be drunk, which was kinda difficult because I’ve never been anywhere near drunk before. Still, I think I managed to pull it off, just about, and managed to be disruptive and uncooperative enough for them to bundle me off to “Nightline” once they’d dealt with me! Still, all good fun, and I learnt quite a lot in terms of first aid from it as well, which was good. Expose to examine. That was the phrase of the evening. Next thing you know I’ll be so good at first aid I’ll be able to run my own hospital. On my own. Blindfolded. Just so long as I don’t get any patients.

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