I went to a Colchester Mini Club meeting last night! It was soooooo much fun! They meet up at a pub in Fordham Heath, and there were about 12-14 of us there last night, all talking about Minis for two and half hours! I’ve not had that sort of conversation in years! I did feel like a bit of a beginnger though, what most of them were talking about was far above and beyond what I know about. Many of them are in the middle of project cars, everyone seems to be doing something to their Mini. Which is great, it just means I’m going to have to try to keep up! I was asked several times during the course of the evening whether I had any ‘plans’ for my Mini, and I had to think up something that I could do to it! Actually I have had some plans, albeit small ones, lurking at the back of my consciousness. I’d quite like to fit some crystal headlamps, and some clear indicator lenses at the front. I need a new front bumper, as the one on there at the moment has a bit of dent in it from the previous owner, and I could do with some new wheels to replace the bog-standard ones the car came with, which don’t hold the road particular well and don’t look very impressive either. I’m tempted by the idea of fitting a proper dashboard, and I’d like a sporty steering wheel too, and of course I’ll be fitting a few chrome bits and bobs from Lulu after Christmas. Still, none of that measures up to what some of the guys last night were talking about – engine conversions, subframe modification, engine transplants, hefty wheel spacers…

I did get a few things out of the evening though, so it was definitely worth going. I got a couple of car stickers with the club logo and web site address on, and a 2006 calendar with pics of all the club cars on each month – mine’s featured on August! I also made friends with a guy called Darren, who owns a rare British Racing Green Mini Italian Job (most of them were red, white or blue). He’s already tricked out his car with a sporty engine, neons, LEDs, enormous ICE system, and probably much more besides. But he’s got a squeeky fan belt as well, so I’m going round to his place on Saturday and we’re going to do our cars’ fan belts together! Finally, my Neddy will sound healthy again! It also means I’m making contacts, which means that if I ever do want to do anything serious to my Mini, I’ll know people who will be able to help and point me in the right direction. In return, I may be able to help with the club web site. Incidentally, I’ve been thinking about redesigning the original Minipix web site (the one with the Mini icons), so that at least it’s there, even if I don’t have time to add Minis to it any more!

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