I produced my first DVD today. I’m very pleased with the results so far, despite a small problem with the navigation in the added extras section. For those who don’t know (or haven’t read my previous blog post), I’ve been composing music for Anne-Marie’s Christmas play, The Birth Of The Christ. Today I finished everything I had been asked to do, and have two CDs and a DVD to show for it. The DVD contains the opening and closing credits sequences, complete with their specially-composed soundtracks, plus images of the posters and programmes I designed. I composed the closing credits theme first (though it was intended to be the opening music originally), which is like Star Wars meets Indiana Jones, then composed the opening theme yesterday, which is more like Pirates Of The Caribbean meets Back To The Future! Oh yeah, and many thanks again to Phil for the loan of the keyboard, it all sounds quite good!

Making the DVD was quite fun. Originally Anne-Marie was going to use a Powerpoint presentation for the credits sequences, but I figured I could probably do one better than that, so put my Mac to work. While the music was composed on my PC using a combination of MusicTime Deluxe (a score-based program) and Jazz++ (MIDI sequencer), I recorded the final result onto my Mac via Audiocorder. Then I created the title sequences in iMovie, combining the visuals with the audio, then put them together as a DVD using iDVD. It was all remarkably simple to use, I was quite impressed. It would have been even more seemless if I had had a faster computer – OSX Tiger wasn’t really designed to run on a 1Ghz machine! Still, it coped admirably, and never hung up or was too busy to allow me to do other things, it just took a while to render the video. I also used iTunes to burn an audio CD of the music, though this didn’t give me any nice friendly options, which was a little disconcerting. Still, it all worked, and both the DVD and the CDs work in both my computers, Anne-Marie’s laptop, and her cheap DVD player – if it plays in that, it should play on anything!!

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