Well, it’s the first day of December today, just in case any of you hadn’t already noticed. That’s another month gone by without me really noticing! Thankfully I’ve been fairly busy today so I haven’t had much time to dwell on it. I’ve been busy at work on various web sites, all of which has been very satisfying. I also spent a good couple of hours yesterday evening playing with Adobe Illustrator, wading through the help file and figuring out how various things work. It’s so powerful, I’m sure it’s gonna come in useful for something!!

Not a lot else has happened today. I sat and watched 2 hours of daytime TV, as per usual (Neighbours, Doctors and Murder She Wrote (replacing Diagnosis Murder)), and I’ve just eaten a jam donut. Very nice. I have no plans for this evening. Might go and see Ellie. Might watch a film. Might play computer games until the wee hours. Might take over the world from my bedroom. Unlikely, though – my bedroom’s too small.

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