We now have a nice shiny new shower. Our old one stopped working last week, just spontaneously died and didn’t come back on, so we had to call out a plumber. Or rather, we phoned the letting agency, who phoned a plumber, who came round the next day and said “wow, that’s an old shower unit”. He then phoned the letting agency, who phoned the landlords, who paid for a new shower, which the plumber ordered and fitted this morning. So there we go. It’s not a particularly special shower, just a simple unit with an ‘on’ button and a volume control. Oh no, that’s the shower radio…

I went round to see Julian’s new baby last night! She’s so sweet!! All small and wrinkly and cute and asleep! Ellie and I had been invited round that evening to “wet the baby’s head”, and were told that there was a bottle of champagne needing to be drunk. Sadly Ellie and I couldn’t help with the alcohol (I had some orange juice, Ellie had a glass of water), but we were straight round to see the baby nonetheless! Julian and Liz are both looking tired but happy, which is an interesting mix, but very understandable. I shall have to go round and visit again soon, this time taking my camera – I was at Ellie’s last night when we were invited round so I didn’t have my camera with me at the time! I took a couple of pics on Ellie’s camera, but it would be nice to have some of my own too. Anyway, I know Julian doesn’t read this blog, but my warmest congratulations to them anyway!

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Joe B · 25 November 2005 at 11:47 pm

Please do pass on my congratulations to Julian and Liz when you see them/if you see them (You may need to remind Julian who I am in case he’s forgotten – I know the effect that new people turnover can have on the memory!)

Very exciting!

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