Things are a little slow at the moment on the web design front. Chelmsford haven’t been too demanding upon my time recently, and I’m still waiting to hear back from the folks at St Albans about what they want me to do with their web sites, so I’m sat here kicking my feet at the moment. I did send off a few flyers to local churches yesterday though, so hopefully I’ll find some more business from somewhere! I’m sure things will get more busy once people decide what they want me to do for them, it’s just rather irritating having to wait.

I also ressurected my sci-fi novel yesterday afternoon, and wrote another page or so. Since Anne-Marie has been at work she hasn’t really made any progress on her book, which has meant that I haven’t felt so guilty about not having written anything in mine! So, yesterday I made the effort and got myself back in gear. Well, sort of. I didn’t actually have long, and I didn’t get much done, and what I did write wasn’t exactly roll-on-the-floor-laughing material. I had to leave the writing in the evening, though, because I was going to a concert on campus, for which I had agreed to page-turn for the pianist. The Angell Piano Trio were performing (they’re the Resident Musicians at the university), and they were very good! The first piece they played was a duet for violin and viola, so I sat at the back of the theatre and watched/listened. Then I slipped out the back, down the narrow corridor by the side of the theatre and met the musicians backstage. They then played another two pieces, with an interval sandwiched between. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to work so hard – the music was fast and complicated in places, so it took all my concentration to keep up and make sure I was turning the pages at the right time! Actually I met up with an old chap in the audience in the interval, and he asked me “What happens if you accidentally turn two pages at once?” I’d been thinking about that when I was on stage. The basic rule is… you don’t!

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