This morning Ellie and I went into town to buy ourselves some new identities. At least, we trawled round all the charity shops looking for costumes for the Chaplaincy Murder Mystery Evening next weekend. I’m supposed to be a French poet and artist, so we were looking for a beret-style hat, a velvet jacket, and anything really French-looking! We managed to get a flat cap, which will just about do the job, and a waistcoat and frilly shirt. Ellie also bought a couple of furry things that she can put with her costume – she’s playing a Russian countess! We spent a couple of hours wandering round them all, then trying to find the ones where we’d seen things we’d liked! After all that we had lunch in Castle Park, did a little bit more shopping, and came home. Good day’s shopping I think!

And you may have noticed that this blog is packed with entries now, thanks to a script that Phill sent me. He designed the blog I was using before (XBlog), but now that he’s also now gone over to WordPress he created a little script to automate the migration. I had to fiddle around with it to get it to work, because for some reason my web space was on safe mode, but we’re all sorted now, so all’s well! You can now use the search box on the right to search through all my blog entries for anything you like, which is pretty sweet!

Right, I’m gonna go find me something to eat for dinner now. TTFN! 🙂

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Megan · 12 November 2005 at 11:12 pm

Oooh, an anti-facist. That’s easy, just make snarky remarks about the Germans all night. Talk about how your daddy (depending on your age) fought the Nazis. Basically anything bad you say about Nazis should be good; remember to include that bitter overtone since you’re still a little sore that your country had to get bailed out by the Brits and Yanks 😉

Dad · 15 November 2005 at 11:32 am

Like the new blog, Matthew. Good to look at, easy to use and packed with functionality. What more could a blogfan want?!

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