Some of you may remember Liz, ex-ex-ex-ChapAss. She’s working at a Christian residential and conference centre in the Bedfordshire countryside. Seems she dropped my name into a conversation, and various people in the St Albans diocese have found out who I am. So I’m off to St Albans today for a meeting with some important people, with a view to helping with their web sites. Not sure yet whether that means they want their web sites redesigned or just updated. I’ve looked at the sites they’ve referred me to, and they don’t actually look too bad. Obviously there is plenty of work I could do, just a case of making sure we all know what we want and what I’m capable of providing.

I also checked the oil in my Mini earlier, as I’m off on a longish journey later today. Thankfully the level hasn’t really changed since I last topped up, which means that there is no oil leak, and that the only reason there was no oil in the car when I bought it was the negligence of the previous owner, not a problem with the car. Which is a relief!

I had four people come round to see the Fiesta yesterday too, which was fun. Unfortunately there’s only one buyer amongst them, it was a bit of a family outing. 7:45am there was a knock on the door and father-in-law and son-in-law were taking a look. The father-in-law was off to catch a plane though, so they didn’t stick around long, just had a look round, started the engine, asked a few questions. Then at 5:15pm the mother and daughter arrived to have a look. Again, they didn’t stay long, as it was getting dark by then and it was freezing cold outside. But they took it for a quick drive round the block and admired the CD player! Just have to see if they want to make an offer now…

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