After a lot of hesitation and fumbling and reading through reference pages and stuff, I think I’ve finally decided that WordPress is worthy of my permanent attention. I’ve looked at loads of blog systems, and this one seems fairly good so far. I’ve downloaded a nice skin which will do for now, and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to change it to look how I want. And the great thing about this is that skins are completely separate and modular, so I can design a new look for the site without having to rebuild any code or anything, and set it back if I don’t like it! So right now I’m about to design me a new interface, and try and link everything together so that people see this web site rather than the Etomite version, which I really don’t like now. So a big apology to all my faithful blog readers for all the changes that have been taking place recently, and I promise things will settle down eventually! I suppose that’s the problem with being a web designer, I’m always thinking up new designs…. 🙂

EDIT: Ok, things are looking good so far, just got to figure out how to get my old posts imported in from previous blogs! Not sure how easy that’s going to be though, might have to talk to my good friend Phill and see if he has any clever ideas…

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Phill · 10 November 2005 at 11:15 pm

Hi Matthew,

I do indeed have some ideas! Drop me a line and I’ll e-mail you the script I used to import all my old posts into Blogger 🙂

I don’t know how to do Etomite but seeing as you only made about five posts on it, it shoudln’t be too hard.

Oh, and very nice design by the way – I’m liking it a lot!


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