I went out and bought myself a new phone today. No, this isn’t impulse buying, this is business. I thought it would be a good idea to have a phone for business use, so as to keep costs separate. It was only a cheap phone, it doesn’t do much, but it doesn’t need to really. I’ll also know by which phone is ringing whether to say “Hello” or “Good morning, Matthew Dawkins Web Design, how can I help you?”…

Children In Need was good last night, I was watching it at Ellie’s. It was slightly disappointing though that they had to repeat some material… they’d obviously spent so much on getting Madonna to sing live that they didn’t have enough money for the rest of the evening! Still, they managed to raise a good lot of money, which is always good. There just didn’t seem to be quite so many random things happening this year. I did manage to watch it all the way to the end, though, which I was quite pleased about. I was rather tired by the end of it, but thankfully I had my car with me so it was just a quick drive home afterwards. I did have to scrape the ice off the windows before I could drive anywhere – apparently it’s going to be a cold winter this year.

Right, well I’d better make myself a cup of tea. I’ve not had one yet today, having had to go out to Tesco with Ellie this morning to buy food for the social tonight. I’ve also got to have a shower and get myself ready for this evening, practise my french accent, do my hair, try to draw a french moustache on my top lip… All good fun! Oh and I think the birds really like the fat balls I put in the garden. One of them has been eaten so much that it’s fallen off the bird table twice! There’s not really much left now, so hopefully they’ve discover the other one, which is a bit nearer the window!

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