I love it when a plan comes together

This morning Ellie and I went into town to buy ourselves some new identities. At least, we trawled round all the charity shops looking for costumes for the Chaplaincy Murder Mystery Evening next weekend. I’m supposed to be a French poet and artist, so we were looking for a beret-style hat, a velvet jacket, and anything really French-looking! We managed to get a flat cap, which will just about do the job, and a waistcoat and frilly shirt. Ellie also bought a couple of furry things that she can put with her costume – she’s playing a Russian countess! We spent a couple of hours wandering round them all, then trying to find the ones where we’d seen things we’d liked! After all that we had lunch in Castle Park, did a little bit more shopping, and came home. Good day’s shopping I think!

And you may have noticed that this blog is packed with entries now, thanks to a script that Phill sent me. He designed the blog I was using before (XBlog), but now that he’s also now gone over to WordPress he created a little script to automate the migration. I had to fiddle around with it to get it to work, because for some reason my web space was on safe mode, but we’re all sorted now, so all’s well! You can now use the search box on the right to search through all my blog entries for anything you like, which is pretty sweet!

Right, I’m gonna go find me something to eat for dinner now. TTFN! 🙂

More investigating

As some of you may know, I’ve kinda got into a lunchtime routine at home now of watching Neighbours, Doctors (out of the corner of my eye), and Diagnosis Murder. Good old Dick Van Dyke! DM is like the highlight of my day (if I don’t count Ellie), but yesterday I didn’t get to see most of it. Just as it was starting Esther rang me to get me to pass on a message to Phil because she was running out of credit, then over the next couple of hours my boss kept ringing me with questions and problems, each call lasting 1-10 minutes, separated by 5-15 minutes. So what I saw of DM wasn’t really enough to understand the plot at all. I felt quite cheated.

I went to the theatre again with Ellie tonight, to see a play called “No Exit”, which was about hell. Interestingly they described hell more as a psychological torment than a physical one, which actually lines up more accurately with the Bible’s version of hell anyway, from what I can tell. Very interesting. I’m also feeling quite cultured just of late, having been to the theatre three times this term to see fairly intellectual and arty plays. Oh, and The Woman In White a few weeks ago too. Also very good.

This morning I’ve been trying to import all my old blog posts into WordPress using a script that Phill wrote. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it working yet, but I’ve sent him an e-mail and hopefully we’ll be able to get it all sorted soon! I’m going into town later with Ellie to go shopping – we’ve got a Murder Mystery evening next weekend, so we’re gonna tour the charity shops looking for costumes. I’m playing the part of a French poet and artist, so I’ll have to brush up my French accent… and figure out what I’m supposed to believe in, as my character is an anti-fascist… I never did understand politics!